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The future of this journal

Posted on 2007.03.04 at 12:19
After a lot of tears and a lot of grief, I've decided to make this journal private.  It seems that someone has led wickedness to my doorway and it's up to me to protect myself from that.  So, as of now, there will be no more public entries.  If you wish to remain listed on this lj, please post a comment below letting me know.  No one will be allowed to remain if I don't know who they are and don't trust them explicitly.  I apologize to anyone out there who enjoyed reading a stranger's life, but it hurts too much to be slandered and dragged through the mud.  My life and my feelings deserve more than that.  Keth, you're right.  I'm a special lady and I deserve to be treated with respect.  I was right when I said I needed healthy relationships and not to be surrounded by drama and grief.  I will not be changing past entries to private, but starting today, all entries will be.

Thank you to my friends for your support and love and thank you to those strangers who have given me smiles along the way.

 - Katrina
March 5th Update:  It has been brought to my attention that the owners of Juiced Radio have chosen to share my private journal with members of their staff.  Due to this outrageous invasion of my private life, I have chosen to make my entire journal friends only.  To those Juiced staff members who may read this, please know that at no point, did I do anything other than support your station on a public level.  I actually advertised your station at a presentation that I gave a couple of months ago.  Did I have issues with KlasiQ? Yes.  I was treated rather horribly by him before he left KIBC.  Did I hope that one day we'd get past that?  Absolutely.  Did I make any attempt? No.  He hurt me before and I was afraid I would be hurt again.  I always left myself available to him in the hopes he would someday approach me.  Do I have issue with Juiced ownership? Only in the way that they have treated me.  I came in, a listener, to their chatroom and was pounced on by them.  I am not a toy to be batted around or someone who enjoys having their name and reputation torn apart.  I have been banned from their chatroom due to my private messages to one of their staff members, a friend of mine, which were logged without my being aware.  Yes, they log everything and No, they do not tell you.  This is against the law, but I will leave that for someone else to deal with.  

To my friends who still DJ with Juiced, I wish you only the best.  I've always said I will not blame the DJs for what ownership/management chooses to do.  I will see you outside of the station and please know that this does not affect how I feel about you as people.  To Az & Kat, I want to take this chance to apologize for my anger towards you.  Instead of stopping and thinking, I reacted and for that, I am very very sorry. 

To those still on my friends list here, you will find all posts still available to you.  To anyone who wishes to be added to this journal, you will need to ask.  I'm not allowing just anyone in, anymore.

Thank you.